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Thread: Maestro MS-VPS5M light sensor switch has no neutral (white) wire?

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    Maestro MS-VPS5M light sensor switch has no neutral (white) wire?

    Hello, I am trying to replace an existing light sensor switch in my bathroom that controls my bathroom lights as well as a fan light.

    My existing switch has 1 black, 1 red and 1 red wire. The red wire is connected to my 2nd black wire that is coming out of the wall.

    The Lutron Maestro MS-VPS5M switch I bought has 2 blacks, 1 blue and 1 green wire.

    So I would assume that the 2 black wires would obviously connect to the existing 2 black wires that are coming out of my wall. The blue wire I assume is not needed and can be capped off. Green is ground. But what do I do with the white (Neutral) wire that is coming out of my wall?? There is no neutral wire connection on the new Lutron switch. Is the neutral wire not needed? Do I simply hook everything up and just cap off the neutral wire coming out of my wall? What is the impact of not having a neutral wire connection? Should I buy a light switch that does have a connection for neutral?

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    Hello Wilson,

    You can simply cap off the neutral connection. That control does not require a neutral connection.

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