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Thread: PD-5WS-DV-WH On/Off Switch

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    PD-5WS-DV-WH On/Off Switch

    Hey guys,

    Just curious what the best use case would be for this switch. I see some people use them to control fans. I have several that people in my house forget to shut off so that may be an option. All of them have lights attached. Will that be a problem? Or will that cause confusion? Other potential uses I may have are:

    I have florescent under cabinet lighting but I don't use it often.
    I have flood lights outdoors and now that caseta works with Smartthings, I can see having a motion sensor turn the floods on.
    Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    In addition to bathroom fans, this switch can be used to control ceiling fans up to 3 A. It obviously can't control the speed of the fan, but it's still nice to have on/off control that can be incorporated into scenes and schedules.

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