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Thread: How to determine if an LED strip light is constant current or constant voltage?

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    How to determine if an LED strip light is constant current or constant voltage?

    How would I go about figuring out if tape light is constant current or constant voltage? Homeowners are asking for this on almost all of our projects and I would prefer to use a Lutron driver if possible. The guys at the electrical distributor are pretty much useless for anything other than working a barcode scanner. Is there a list of recommended products like there is for lamps?

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    Pete F.
    Most often, tape light fixtures will be constant voltage 12V or 24V. However, it is important to verify that with the fixture manufacturer. We do have a list of fixtures that include our Hi-Lume A Series Drivers at

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    Grafik Eye With EcoSystem H-Series

    I would like to know how I can wiring the the Grafik Eye with EcoSystem H-Series, EHD T528 M U 2 10, for exemple. I looked in the electrical scheme and I saw two point for connect the E1 e E2, digital link. So I would like if it`s necessary to use the E1 e E2 or just I can to wire directly of the Grafik Eye, two wire, neutral and line.
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    Constant voltage LED strips only has resistors....or resistive LED tape. -for short runs
    Constant current LED strips have resistors and an IC chip on the PCB. -for long runs

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