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Thread: Outdoor light automation with Caseta (or other Lutron offering)?

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    Outdoor light automation with Caseta (or other Lutron offering)?

    I need a wireless switch to turn on my outdoor lights on a schedule or on-demand from the lutron app.
    Has anyone done this? If yes, how?

    Ideally i can set the system to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. But also be able to be turned on/off via smartphone

    ideas please. No dimmer required, just an on/off switch.

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    Lutron makes a on /off caseta switch. 2 versions, one without a neutral and one with.

    I do suggest a dimmer if the lights can dim. I set mine nice and low in the summer to keep the bugs away, then when I arrive home the light comes on full.

    The Caseta app, you can set any time schedule by time, or sun, or location.

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    Yeah, it's pretty straightforward to get something like that:

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