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Thread: Remote Programming

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    Remote Programming

    I can't seem to find anything more recent past 2015 about remote programming. Is there a better way or a better router now for VPN access. Better, more recent notes on how to set it up... tips and tricks for a noob, anything? Also is it possible to set up a VPN router after a shaw wifi router on the network?

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    You might find it much simpler to setup something like a TeamViewer server on your RA2 system. You create an account w/TeamViewer, setup the server, and then use TeamViewer to connect to your remote system. Its really pretty trivial.

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    I know team viewer well and I have thought of this. Having said that, how would I go about this without installing the software on the clients computer and giving them access to the software. Honestly I don't trust people not to screw things up. Sorry if I sound like a total idiot but I am just getting into RR2.

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    Put a cheap passworded PC on the network or in the rack (if there is one) and install teamviewer on this with unattended access. That way is your machine, and only available to you. Only downside is if the machine locks up you would need to get it rebooted if you need to access.

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    Splashtop is another remote viewing program. As a pro installer if you're setting up more than a few of these on customer sites then you'd need a commercial account. There's other aspects to consider too.

    A very important thing to keep in mind is you'd essentially be leaving an open connection into the customer's network. Do not do this without careful consideration regarding privacy and security. Especially if you use a coordinated cloud service with one account for you including multiple client sites. You wouldn't want your account getting compromised and that leading to the customer sites getting hacked. Make sure you're using a robust password, potentially one that also uses two-factor authentication. As in, logins have to be paired with SMS phone text message confirmations. Then make sure any of the PCs you're configuring on-site all have their own unique, and likewise robust, passwords. Do not use the same passwords across multiple devices. Yes, this will mean extra effort on your part to manage the passwords. There are services like LastPass that can help with this, also. Your goal here is to leave a device on-site that helps future service, not a gaping hole that leaves the customer open to network hacks.

    One added step would be to set the PC with power controlled by a 15APS Ra2 switch. This way you'd have to turn it on first, presumably by using the app, a timeclock interval or having the customer do so. Then let the PC boot and then you'd be able to remote into it. Finish your work, shut the PC down (from within Windows) and then turn the 15APS back off again. This would also provide you a way to cycle power on it should it get locked up for whatever reason.

    I would not recommend doing this on the customers own PC. There's just too many 'boundaries' involved. Better to put a cheap PC on-site, nailed to the wall and running headless (without a monitor). That way it's just "there" as part of the infrastructure and doesn't need anything on it but a bare-bones set of software. No need to worry about customer screw ups or service personnel 'seeing more than they should'. That and you don't have to learn anything more than whatever software gets installed on it. No need to worry about random sets of drivers, updates or whatever. As opposed to a customer's PC that might have all manner of problems.

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    This is a great reply thanks for taking the time.

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