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Thread: Finding a Lutron Shade Installer

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    Finding a Lutron Shade Installer

    Hi All,

    Hopefully an easy question.

    Looking for dealer(s) to quote installation of motorized drapes in a condo. Went to the Lutron site and found the find a dealer section.

    My question is, what is the difference between a "Lutron Representative", "Diamond Provider" Platinum, Gold etc providers.

    Is the representative meant for dealers, or are they also installers?


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    The "Lutron Representative" doesn't sell the products. They train the dealers listed in that site, and sometimes assist them with designing jobs as necessary. They would be the people you would contact if you are having issues with the other companies listed on that site.

    "Diamond, Platnum, Gold" dealers are classified by the amount of products of ours that they sell. Diamond dealers sell more of our products than the Platinum dealers, and so on down the line. Each of those dealers are fully trained and completely able to assist you with designing, installing, and programming the systems listed on that site. Some just have been around longer and have a larger sales base than the others.

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    Thanks Brian.

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