Anyone found a decent T10-style reading lamp style LED that's known to work reliably with the RRD-3LD table dimmers? And by 'reliably' I mean being dimmable, not just on-off.

Just had an old 40w incandescent go out and would like to find a known-compatible LED replacement. Preferably with a 'warm white' color temp between 2700-4000k. 5000k would be too 'white'.

Doesn't have to be a huge swing of brightness change, this is a desk lamp. It wouldn't require exceptionally low dimming. Now, if this were on-wall picture lighting then, yeah, I'd probably want very low dimming for night-light kinds of illumination. But it does have a glass shroud, so I'd want 360 degree illumination, not an aim-able flat panel.

Any suggestions? I checked the Product Selection database but there's no option to search for T10 style.