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Thread: Garage Door Control

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    "Goodnight" scene closes open garage door

    In my own Ra2 system, I've successfully integrated my garage door "close" function into the system based on the "Goodnight" scene. If the garage door is closed, the door remains closed; if the garage door is open, it's closed (unless there's an object blocking the safety photo sensors, of course). The task is accomplished using a low-cost ELK security relay and a rail-mounted magnetic door sensor, which run around $50 in total. The key to the entire thing coming together is the use of two relays on the VCRX. Relay 1 is wired in the standard way, and is tied to my visor control. Relay 2, however, is used only for the Goodnight scene. The ELK relay wires between the Relay 2 output and the garage motor controller. If the door is closed, the relay is open, interrupting the pulse signal getting to the garage motor controller. On the other hand, if the garage is open, the ELK relay is is "closed", allowing the VCRX's pulse signal to carry through to the garage door motor controller, thus closing the door.

    I've had this circuit wired for a month now and it works without fail. Perhaps this information can be of use for one or many forum members.
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    Just wondering , why the unnecessary relay and power supply?
    Just wire the same (rail) switch or other simple limit switch from the output of the vcrx through a limit switch and into one of the unused inputs programmed to the garage door output.
    In other words(& in ref. to your diagram):
    1) Connect Common from "Output 2" to common of "Input 2"
    2) Connect "Output 2" to Limit Switch "Common"
    3) Connect Limit Switch N.O. to "Input 2"
    4) Program "Output 2" to "Goodnight" Scene
    5) Program "Input 2" to "Output 1" (garage door button)

    Unless you are using a proximity sensor or something else requiring power, the relay is unnecessary. If you use a simple limit or magnetic type switch and additional relay is unnecessary.
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    diagram to help visualize my last post above.

    I usually have a keypad or Pico and no "factory" opener button but when I do, I just wire up a button to Input 1, but using your diagram and paralleling the opener button across the output 2 contacts makes more sense, keeps input 1 available for something else, and you can still use and illuminated or other special switch from the opener
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    The reason for the ELK relay is because the rail-mounted door sensor is normally-closed device, meaning there's continuity through the leads when the door is closed. So, if we ran the "Goodnight" pulse command exclusively through the sensor, the pulse command would open the closed door, The Elk relay is there to "invert" the logic, and essentially turn the rail sensor into a normally-open device.

    I've seen some door sensors with both NO and NC terminals, but none that place the magnet on the door.

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    See my thread here:
    I added a magnetic contact sensor to show when the OH door is open (plugged in to Input 2 of Visor Receiver). I coupled it with a "virtual" switch in Essentials.

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