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Thread: Can timers be set for caseta

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    Can timers be set for caseta

    I just installed a caseta dimmer switch in my daughters bedroom to replace a motion timer with auto off in X minutes. And she turns on the light in the middle of the night and leaves the light on all the time, I need the light to turn off automatically after a set period of time. I know Wemo switches offer this. Is this possible with lutron? If not I may need to uninstall.

    I have the smart bridge along with alexa.

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    I don't see any way to have this happen other then to set a timer to turn the light off every night at XX time.

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    Not elegant but I have it turn off every hour after midnight till 5am for my kid . So 4 automated schedules ??

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    I have two automated schedules for my kitchen recess lights and the breakfast table light. I did it last summer because every time I would look on the home cameras, the lights were on and no one was even downstairs.

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