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Thread: Mastro C.L. flashes led when turning on

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    Mastro C.L. flashes led when turning on

    Hello, installed some MACL-153M dimmers to control Liteline SLM-4-30 dimmable LED's
    two of them are controlling 6 LED's each and work flawlessly, however, one of them controls 2 LED's and has a bright flash when turned on. (Have same problem on another job with casseta). What is the fix for this? The liteline site shows that this is the compatible dimmer for up to 50 LED's

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    Hello Elecrick,

    Lutron has not tested those LEDs, so we are unable to guarantee performance with any of our controls. Have you tried swapping a dimmer from a known working circuit to the problem circuit? If so, does the problem follow the dimmer or the stay with the circuit? If it stays with the circuit, we can only recommend changing to an LED that we have tested, or contacting Liteline to see if they can make a recommendation.

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