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Thread: Wired Lutron Switches work perfectly, Pico remotes cause lights to strobe/blink

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    Wired Lutron Switches work perfectly, Pico remotes cause lights to strobe/blink

    I have a strange problem that Lutron Phone Support was unable to fix. I am Hoping the collective intelligence of this community may be able to help.

    I have two separately wired track lighting systems, one in the family room and one in the dining room. Both use the same Hardware (Halo track, Dimmable Duracel LED track heads). Both tracks have a single wired switch, and a pico remote across the room. When I turn on either track with the wired switch, the system performs flawlessly every time. The lights fire up without issue. The problem occurs when I use the Pico remotes for either track, the lights will blink or strobe. Turning them off and on again eventually solves the problem after the 2nd or 3rd try - at that point the lights come on as they should. I have the same issue when I use the App.

    I have ruled out incompatibility issues since the wired switches work flawlessly. I have ruled out a defective Pico remotes, since both have the same issue. Everything was installed by a licensed Electrician who I have used for years.

    Has anyone had experienced a similar issue?

    TL/DR - Wired switches work perfectly, Pico remotes strobe or blink and have to be turned off/on a few times to eventually work.

    Thanks for the support.

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    When you use the pico which button do you press to turn on the lights? Is it a 2 or a 5 button pico?
    What model number is the switch or dimmer on the other end that actually turns on and off the lights?
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    I am not sure of the model numbers but I bought the starter kit off of amazon. It came with two wired dimmers, 2 pico remote switches (5 button), bases for the remote, and the internet enabled hub.

    Since I have posed this morning, I discovered that the problem is actually occurring with the wired switch as well, only seemingly less often. Does this mean an incompatibility with the track heads? Why would they work at all if that was the case? So strange that they sometimes flicker, and sometimes just turn on normally.....

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    The LEDs are probably slightly incompatible. If you check your Amazon orders you can probably locate the model numbers. Then check and look for the model numbers of the led bulbs used (or fixtures). When LEDs aren't fully compatible the dimming range is diminished. Some operate perfectly at 100% but start to flicker as dimming starts.

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    A lot of track lights contain transformers. The transformer will be either Magnetic Low Voltage (MLV) or Electronic Low Voltage (ELV). The Caseta dimmer that comes in the starter kit is not rated for dimming transformers (MLV or ELV). If your bulbs say 12V or 24V on them, then there is a transformer involved and I would recommend the PD-10NXD for MLV or the PD-5NE for ELV.

    With that being said, those dimmers were designed to be used with transformers and halogen bulbs, not LEDs. Dimming low voltage transformers/LEDs can be very challenging because of the reasons linked in the document below. I'm not saying that it won't work, but we won't be able to guarantee it fixes your problem either.

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