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Thread: Alexa stopped working with Caseta switches

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    Alexa stopped working with Caseta switches

    Alexa had been working great with my Caseta switches (much better than Siri), but today after adding SmartThings skill, Alexa stopped being able to connect to any of the Caseta switches. Siri still connects and the Lutron app starts up and works fine.
    I tried deleting the SmartThings skill, and deleting and reinstalling the Caseta skill but Alexa still won't connect. Any troubleshooting tips?

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    I was digging through the forums this morning and found this post...sorry we didn't see it earlier! Are you still having trouble with this? If so, send an email to with the MAC address found on the bottom of your bridge along with a support file. You can generate a support file by going to Settings>Help>Send Feedback. Please do this while connected to the same network as your Smart Bridge and then just reference this post in the body of the email.

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