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Thread: low voltage wiring

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    low voltage wiring

    What low voltage wiring do you folks use to hard-wire your Lutron shades in? Looking at 16/2 wiring, all I find is speaker cable wiring. Is this what you folks used? Any recommendations?

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    When using Lutron "Wireless" shades that are not battery powered, you would use any 2-wire cable. We recommend 16AWG, and shielded is not necessary. The Lutron cable part number is QSHY-CBL-M-500 (Plenum version is QSHY-CBLP-M-500).

    For our wired shades, the requirement is four wires, with one pair being twisted/shielded for communication. The other pair provides power and could be from 18AWG to 12AWG depending on the shade type and distance. See this chart for details and wire part numbers.

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    A pair of wires for communication? How? The power panel for Serena shades is just a 24v power supply. There is no Ed or wifi antenna or Ethernet jack on it.

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    The communication wire would be for Sivioa QS shades and not Serena.

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