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Thread: LEDs connected to PD-6ANS flash when OFF

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    Great, thanks AE&T1999. I'll get in touch with tech support to get some of the caps.

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    AE&T1999 and Nomad2006,
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.....I did finally install the MLC's and the problem is gone, period. Exactly as tech support had said.

    Justin in Dallas

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    I am having a similar issue. I bought a Caseta Pro bridge and a bunch of PD-6WCL dimmers. My contractor put the same retrofit led cans in every room (do not know the brand but I do love them). They dim perfectly and have no issues when on and on the app I can go from 100% down to 1% with no issues. BUT......when they turn off, they will pulse very faintly for a few seconds before finally shutting completely off. You can only see it at night when it is pitch black.

    I have them set up in multiple rooms. 1 dimmer controls 8 cans, 3 set up in 3 bedrooms of 4 cans each, and a breakfast nook that has 2 cans. The one that has only two cans pulses much faster and then only one turns off completely. They other will pulse indefinitely. I swapped that switch out for a pro model dimmer and wired the neutral into it. Ow it pulses like the others still but both will stop after a few seconds. It helped but didnít fix it completely.....and twice the price. Can I get these LUT-MLC things too? Will that fix my issue? Please help.

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    I just called their tech support and asked, and they sent me the caps, FREE! Worst case is you have to buy them at about $8 apiece, but I don't think you should have to. If that is the case, buy one and try you well know, all LEDs are different! Good luck!

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    Thanks Justin. Iím hoping thatís the case. When I called Lutron support before they wouldnít do anything and said the MLCs are not made to be used on Caseta dinners and I would need to buy the Pro switch, which only half fixed the issue.

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