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Thread: Help - unable to connect via app or web

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    Help - unable to connect via app or web

    I have upgraded the firmware on my main repeater to 10.7. I had these same issues on 10.6, this is when I realized the below. Any ideas on what is happening here?

    I can connect to the repeater with no issues via the RadioRA2 essentials software. I can telnet to the IP address with no problem. But that is it. When I try to go to the IP address via a web browser the connection times out and fails. When I try to open the iphone app Lutron Home+ my setup is not discovered, so I type in the details manually and it says "Downloading system configuration..." then I get an error message "Could not download system configuration. Please contact they system installer". I have also tried a new app, HomeSense, and when I try to Add System my RadioRA2 system shows up under the "Auto Discovered" area..however when I choose it, it says updating, then fails with "Update Error..unable to update the system information". I have tried the apps with the lutron/lutron and lutron/integration login information. This is not a new system, I have had it since 2010 and performed many updates on it. The repeater has a static IP, and it is the same IP it has had for years. I verified that the box is not checked in the advanced screen to only allow traffic from local lan...and I have tried with the box checked. Lastly I can of course ping the IP as the essentials software can connect, activate and transfer.

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    Kind of surprised no one had a response to this.

    I dug in further and though I dont know the exact problem I have a feeling of why this doesnt work today. I believe this is all related to the Lutron Connect Bridge and 10.x software. I dont have a Lutron Connect for Radio Ra2... I have one for Caseta though. Any way, I downgraded my RA2 system to 8.2 then slowly upgraded to 9.3 and all works great and as expected. I then upgraded to 10.2, thinking that via the release notes there was a fix for an LHC+ issue...but that broke it all once again. I had previously upgraded to 10.6 and 10.7, as stated in original post, and things were broken. So at this time it seems 9.3 is as high as I can go without purchasing a Lutron Connect. I have no need for that feature as I can remote control my RA2 system through my router and port forward for free.

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    You should be able to upgrade to the 10 series (now 11.0). I have several systems running on 10.x without a Connect Bridge, and we are using LHC+ on almost all of them. I did notice that having multiple devices on the newer 10.x firmware seems to have issues with multiple logins using the same user/password. Try putting in several login IDs and see if that corrects the problem.
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    I have a case opened with lutron to see what they say. I have tried 3 different 10.x versions all same result. I am the only user of the apps so there is no login issues. I did, however, try a new user/password to see if that was the case...same result. One other thing I did of interest is that I used a port scanner against the repeater for each version, up to 10.x port 80 was open and as of 10.x it no longer appeared. My understanding is that the apps are supposed to use telnet, but, something is not right. Seems 11.0 came out today maybe? I read the release notes, it says in order to basically use it you need the connect bridge (well if you want to use the homekit feature). I dont like the idea of having to buy another device to run this lighting system. Due to the older dimmers I have and wanting to convert most to LED I am kind of drifting toward Caseta more and more anyway, so this may be all for not.

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    Port 80 is used by the apps to load initial configuration. After that it is all telnet. If port 80 is not open on your repeater, something is rotten.

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    I cannot connect remotely connect to my system on my iphone 6S. I can access my system when I am connected to the wireless network. My IOS is 10.3.2 and the Home Control + app is at 9.12. Oddly, my ipad is at IOS 10.3.2 with the Home Control + app at 9.12 and I can connect to the system remotely.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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