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Thread: Recommending 2GIG GC3

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    Recommending 2GIG GC3

    I have noticed that there has been little mention of the 2GIG GC3 security panel, which I highly recommend. A year plus or two I was seeking advice here about panels when I was so disappointed by the ancient options that seemed to be available. You were helpful, and I wanted to pass along what I've found to work well.

    The GC3 has a large and beautiful capacitive touchscreen, integrates well with Lutron RR2 (and Caseta), features Z-Wave PLUS for other automation, has WiFi to be unlocked in the future, has everything in one package so you only have to run power, supports 2-Way Voice etc. At my house I put in garage door opener controllers and from the same app (or Apple Watch app) I can change Lutron settings, open or close garage doors, arm the system etc.

    I liked it so much I decided to become an dealer and 2GIG installer to add to my RA 2 business.

    You'll see the panel below, which is both the touchscreen and the security panel all in one unit. While not all the outputs are currently active (RS-232, for one), I run them to a basic patch panel shown so that no more wires will ever need to be run. I run them into VCRX for smoke lighting in case of a fire and full/flash for alarm. The pic of the panel doesn't show this wiring, but I'd be happy to send pics.
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    Thanks, I'm actually looking at the 2GIG GC3 myself to compliment my Radio RA2 installation. I am certified to install my own Radio RA2 system, but don't have any experience with alarm systems yet. Can the 2GIG system be installed DIY? Also, what is involved with the integration with Radio RA2? Will I need an installer to add the system for me? Or is this something the end user can do?

    Finally, what type of integration is possible with Radio RA2?


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    Dinom, the integration comes in two ways:

    1. Through this portal (web, phone, tablet and watch) lighting can be adjusted.
    2. Alarm Conditons: Using the Lutron VCRX, you can tie two triggers that activate settings in the software for smoke alarms and locked-down security alarms where buttons get disabled.

    If you can install RR2, you can install this system. An dealer does have to set it up, but if you send me a note at jon at my username .com, we can discuss further options offline.

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