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Thread: Multiple Pico Remotes control one dimmer???

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    Multiple Pico Remotes control one dimmer???

    In a bedroom setup, I want to have a Pico remote on my side of bed and my wife's side. Can the same Lutron Caseta in wall dimmer be controlled by MORE than ONE pico remote??? Would be very helpful if we could buy two remotes and each control the same switch.
    Thanks in advance

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    You're in luck :) Yes, that's definitely doable. I recently replaced 4 switches controlling the same set of hallway lights with a Caseta dimmer and 3 Pico remotes.

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    As mentioned, very doable, and very easy.

    once you set up the switch in the Caseta hub, you then add the picos to the system, and under the settings for the pico you can pico what lights you want it to control. You can control 1 or 10+ with each pico.

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    Can I do the following.

    Set up two lamp dimmers

    Then have two different Pico Remotes at two different locations control both of the lamp dimmers.

    Basically I have a long hallway with lamps at both ends. So I would like to set up lamp dimmers at each end to control the lamps.
    Then place the two Pico Remotes at each end and control the both lamp modules from wither side.

    So at one end I can use that Pico top turn on both lamp areas and then from the other end I could turn them off.


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    Also completely possible, as long as the Pico remotes are within 60ft of the dimmers through open air, or 30ft away through walls.
    Even without using the Caseta bridge, each dimmer can listen to up to 10 transmitting devices (i.e.: Pico remotes), as long as they are within signal range.
    It should only take a minute or two at most to program it for this application.

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