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Thread: Motor Differences

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    Motor Differences

    I am bidding a project that has Pella Windows in varying sizes. In the Shade Tool Program it is defaulting the Roller 64's. One long shade 14 feet in width I need a Roller 100 Motor but was wondering why and when would I want to try Roller 20 motors? Is it based upon only window square footage? Or is it based upon bracket size fitting in the pocket. Any links to bracket size will help in making the install look clean.

    Thank You!

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    It is based on square footage of the shades. The Roller 64 is for up to 64 sqft of material, while the Roller 20 is only for up to 20 sqft of material.

    Here are drawing PDFs for ceiling mounting them:
    Roller 20 -
    Roller 64 -

    Here is some more information for compairing them:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Roller 20 and 64.PNG  

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