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Thread: Connected Thermostats in

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    Connected Thermostats in

    There was a big PR a while ago about integration, which definitely works. However, we don't see RA2 thermostats (both direct Lutron and Honeywell via Connect Bridge) in What needs to happen to get that done? There doesn't seem to be a reason I can see why you couldn't use the app to control garage doors, security, lighting, etc. if properly integrated.

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    Hey guys/gals, any thoughts here? Thanks!

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    Hello schalliol,
    Thank you for your post.
    I have alerted the appropriate team of your concern and will report back once I have an update.

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    Thanks for following-up! I don't see why the thermostats shouldn't show up in, but I've tested both the connect bridge-supported models and the Lutron HVAC Kit models unsuccessfully.

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