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Thread: Caseta ELV+ problems when replacing Diva ELV

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    Caseta ELV+ problems when replacing Diva ELV


    I've been replacing some RadioRa dimmers and some Diva ELV dimmers with Caseta ELV+ and have run into some problems. The Casetas work great with all of my BR30 bulbs. However, I have run into some issues when substituting into circuits that are not BR30 applications. I have a fixture with 4 Hyperikon 4W bulbs that worked find with the Diva dimmer but now does not turn off all the way. I have an LED custom fixture (with integral LEDs and LED drivers) that "pops" on full brightness than backs down a bit when first turned on. Finally, I have a light fixture with 7 Bulbright 2W bulbs that does not dim properly. In addition, all of these lights will sometimes flicker at the same time even though on separate circuits. BTW, I used ELV dimmers in these applications because I was told they are the best to use with LEDs, and my Diva ELV dimmers worked fine. Any suggestions? What is the difference between the Caseta and Diva ELV dimmers?

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    There are definitely some big differences between the Diva ELV dimmer and the Caseta ELV of the big differences is that the Caseta dimmer is digital. To ensure a more timely response, please send an email to with the model number of each LED and the symptom you are having. We can take a look at our LED compatibility testing data and work on finding you a solution.

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