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Thread: IOS App won't connect to Caseta Bridge

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    IOS App won't connect to Caseta Bridge

    I have a brand new install (and about 25 years in the networking and computer industry :-). I connected the Bridge to the Ethernet port of my router and plugged in the power. The Bridge lights up so power seems OK.

    After entering my login info, the Caseta app says "Discovering Smart Bridge..." then "Connecting to your Smart Bridge..." and then about a minute or two later says "Cannot connect to your smart bridge" and offers Cancel or Retry.

    I can't find any troubleshooting docs or posts here covering this case. Fing doesn't show anything on the network that looks like it might be the Smart Bridge. No "Texas Instruments" devices, for example.


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    I called Lutron support and, about 45 minutes later, we came to the conclusion that my router's Ethernet ports are borked. Something that was confirmed by using a spare router I just happened to pick up earlier today. I have to say I am impressed at the patience and sheer helpfulness of Lutron support to work through all the possible causes and then wait for me to set up a spare router to confirm the diagnosis.

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