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Thread: Installation of MS-OPS5MH sensor for 3-way Switches

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    Installation of MS-OPS5MH sensor for 3-way Switches

    My laundry can be accessed from garage and from house inside. The light fixture is controlled by two switches. One locates near garage door while other one is at the entrance of laundry. I installed MS-OPS5MH with occupancy mode to replace the one near garage door. The sensor works if I keep the switch at the entrance always ON. If I switch off the light using the switch at the entrance, the sensor is not able to turn the light back on. Now, I cannot use the switch at the entrance to turn on and turn off the light manually. Does it work as designed?

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    Have you re-wire the mechanical switch? If not, that should solve the issue for you. See page 9 of the following spec sheet for a wiring diagram.

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