I am glad I found this forum.

I have a large home with 5 circa-1995 Grafik Eye controllers and a number of smaller satellite switches (many of which no longer communicate with the controllers). I want to replace with a wifi enabled system and was quoted close to $20K to do so. I was told that my only option would be to upgrade to the RadioRA.

After looking at the wiring with my electrician, I am confident I can replace my system with Caseta devices. The current configuration is that power is run into each GE which then distributes it to four sets of lights (the Grafik Eye allows you to determine which sets of lights are part of a zone). I plan to replace each GEs with a set of 4 Casetas and the smaller "satellite" switches with wall-mounted pico remotes. My understanding is that I can program the lights to work individually or in concert with each other, thereby replicating the functionality of the GEs. I need to install 26 switches and 10 picos.

Total cost for the new system will be about 10% of the quoted price for a new GE system. Does this seem doable? Any advice before I get started? Thanks in advance for your help!