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Thread: What are suggested best ways to SmartPhone control Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

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    What are suggested best ways to SmartPhone control Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?


    What are suggested best ways to Smartphone control Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

    i currently have Caseta Switches and a Smart Bridge....I understand i need to get a SmartBridge Pro to offer greater integration.

    can you recommend specific Low Voltage Transformers that can integrate with Caseta for Timing and Scene Control?

    or does there need to be a separate Smartphone enabled Low Voltage Lighting Controller (as suggested below, ie: Vista Lightings V Pro Bluetooth Transformer

    please read below quoted discussion found on Garden Web and add comments to further answer above questions. Thanks for your help!

    Using smartphone to control low voltage landscape lighting

    poolroomcomesfirstDecember 1, 2015

    Are there any starter kits out there that have a smartphone enabled low-voltage transformer with multiple zones for controlling all backyard lighting from an app? ideally app would support at least 2 devices for shared control. I searched the google and couldn't find anything. I was thinking of using multiple transformers attached to a MyQ type device, but figured there might be something out there that I couldn't find.



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    David Some options

    1. PowPak or a RadioRA2 outlet control from Lutron could be used to control individual power supplies that power the low voltage lights
    2. ViziaRF from Leviton tied into an internet connected Z-Wave hub to do the same.
    3. Insteon is yet another.

    You'd need to be able to

    1. make the necessary changes to the outlet(s),
    2. get the hub/ master controller,
    3. program the master controller
    4. put the master controller on your home network
    5. get the app that communicates with the controller.

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    homepro01 Fx luminaire makes a unit for this purpose with dimming and lighting scenes. Expensive though. If you already have a home automation system, you can use that to control landscape lighting too.
    Good luck!

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    poolroomcomesfirst Everything seems over engineered. I thing MyQ from chamberlain looks to be the best option. I can control 16 outlets or switches from 1 app. I'll have to wire my outlets to separate transformers for each exterior zone, but even with that I think this will be cheapest. Only drawback I see is the app doesn't accommodate different timers for different switches.

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    poolroomcomesfirst I wish I could get everything in 1

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    Twilight Designs There's a number of options out there, none of them are perfect as far as the few I've sampled. You'll find most options will control the transformer on the 110v side meaning that multiple zones = multiple transformer. As mentioned above FX Luminaire is one option, back when I saw of demo of that particular product it was required that you use FX Luminaire fixtures throughout the project and the transformer was very pricey so I never tried it out. I think they've since improved it but I am nor familiar.
    There's a company out there called "Universal Lighting Systems" and they make something called a "U-sync ZoneControl", I've used this and it works well. It connects to the low voltage side and you can set up to 3 separate zones setting each as either automatic or manual. So you can set a light on your BBQ for example as manual controlled meaning everything else goes on and the BBQ "zone" must be turned on manually via remote control or remote wall switch. Runs $200 - $300 or so.
    Vista Lighting has another option called a vPro transformer which come with either 1 or 2 "zones". This is controlled via bluetooth on your smartphone and zones can be set separately as dusk - dawn, dusk - 1am, 8pm - 2am etc.. You can also dim each zone or have a zone go from 100% - 35% light output at 2am for example. The bluetooth has a limited range so you need to be relatively close to the transformer to make changes to the timer or to control it manually. It works with most LED fixture out there but you need to make sure fixtures are dimmable it you want to use that feature. Not sure the exact cost but plan on spending $200 - 300 more than you would for a professional grade transformer without the vPro control option.
    I have MyQ for my driveway gate, never used it for a transformer. Sounds like a viable option. Like I said from the beginning, there's a number of options... none of them perfect.
    Good Luck!

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    The following Caseta devices are rated to control MLV transformers:

    PD-5NE (set to forward phase)

    The following Caseta devices are rated to control ELV transformers:
    PD-5NE (in reverse phase by default)

    The transformer would not need any kind of built in communication protocol because we would just "talk" to the Caseta dimmer/switch and the output of the dimmer/switch would be wired to the input of the transformer. You would just need to make sure the transformer is dimmable and that you select the correct kind of control.

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    I have low voltage LED lighting installed outside. The transformer is rated 300W and has a load of about 150W. Currently the transformer is plugged into a non-switched outdoor outlet, through a timer with photocell.

    Inside the house, I have a Lutron Caseta hub with numerous dimmers and picos. I would like to have this exterior outlet also controlled by the Caseta.

    Is this possible, and if so what product do I use?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Since these are outside lights, I would recommend using a Caseta switch, and not a dimmer.
    If there is a neutral wire connection in the wall box, I'd recommend using the PD-6ANS-(color) switch.
    If there isn't a neutral wire connection, I'd recommend the PD-5WS-DV-(color) switch.

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    Thank you, Brian!

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    I also have rolled out Casetta in my house.
    I am ready to start purchasing my landscape lighting and want to be able to dim, "awaken" & "Asleep" with smart triggers and use Casetta app for scene settings.
    Can I do that with any landscape transformer? Like from home depot, or do you have any dimming transformer guidelines?

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