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Thread: API or SDK for Vive

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    API or SDK for Vive

    Where I can found API or SDK for VIVE system ?

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    The Vive Hub is not open source and does not have an API or SDK. The Premium Vive Hub (HJS-2-SM and HJS-2-FM) works with BMS systems through BACnet. The Vive Hub has a contact closure input that can be used to trigger demand response or can be programmed with other functionality. Certain Vive load controllers also have contact closure outputs that can be used for integration with 3rd party devices such as VAV in HVAC systems.

    BACnet PIC Statement for Vive:


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    Good news, we do offer API integration with Vive Hubs now (Specifically the HJS-2) and this information can be found here in the Vive Programming guide ( and the actions you can accomplish are laid out here in the Vive API spec sheet ( I hope this helps and gets you moving forward.

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