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Thread: Does this mean HomeKit/Siri support is coming soon to RadioRA 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchE View Post
    So if I'm over 99 loads I have to pick which one the owner has control over? Does Siri or Lutron choose?
    Yes I am working on a project that has 106 loads on it. 4 are WPM. Which is another question. How do WPM's play into it. With that count I'm at
    126 loads/ individual lights. So 26 lights they can's control?
    And to set up Siri scenes that is done through Home Kit? So I sent scenes in the software for standard setup and scenes in Home Kit. My programming hours just went up fast. So not being s Iphone/pad guy I either need to use the owners for setup or buy my own?

    Not complaining about the Home kit thing (yet) just need more understanding. The 99 limit is not generally a issue but could be.
    Same question in an other topic. No official response from Lutron yet...

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    99 loads is a limitation of the HomeKit API along with 49 rooms. If scenes are desired the scenes will need to be created through the HomeKit app. Neither Siri nor Lutron pick what is controlled through HomeKit this is left to the end user. An app note on HomeKit integration for RadioRa2 will be available soon.

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    Just thought I'd throw this out there, the HomeKit/gen2 of the connect bridge is available for shipment and in stock from the factory. Just ordered first one from my distributor. Part number CONNECT-BDG2-1

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    I received one a couple days ago. Is Lutron still silent on making this right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by schalliol View Post
    I received one a couple days ago. Is Lutron still silent on making this right?
    I think so...

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