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Thread: Transfer failure, --retries unsuccessful for cleanmem, ffff-- can't transfer anything

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    Angry Transfer failure, --retries unsuccessful for cleanmem, ffff-- can't transfer anything

    Hi, I changed a couple lighting fixtures in my house, from non dimmed to an incandescent Dimmed ones, and I wanted to upgrade my system to dim those new lights.. but when I tried to transfer the changes I just got stucked and stopped with the transfer step (processing files) and the wizard just kept trying to stopped there trying to CLEANMEM, FFFFF, and after 3 tries the transfer ends there. the problem is that I read on another post that sometimes you can help unstucking the system, with a manual CLEANMEM (on boot mode) from the terminal itself.. so now 2 bad situations for me: no more transfer, and my 80% lights of the house can't be controlled as they are on a centralized way. my processor leds troubleshooting looks good to me, and I have my Processor with the last revision, and I am using the latest illumination software. the previous change on my system was on June 2016 with no problem at all (same windows that I have today W10).
    I've been using the system from 2007, with no problem at all. any help here? thanks in advance for your time and support!

    system info:

    h4 series, with HRL

    Processor 01 O/S Rev : 01.64.00 T5

    pinfo: P00164002B050000000F08T

    bootrev: Processor 01 Boot Rev : 43

    status command: ---------------------------------------
    Processor address : 01
    Device type : 5
    Build Date 

    The time is NOT set
    The date is NOT set
    Boot flash : PGM GOOD
    Boot rev : 43
    OS flash : PGM GOOD
    OS rev : 01.64.00
    HHP OS flash : ERASED
    HHP OS rev : 0
    HHP BOOT flash : ERASED
    HHP BOOT rev : 0
    User baud rate : 115K, 115K
    Link 3 is LOGGED IN, Link 7 is LOGGED IN

    A power cycle will start : the BOOT BLOCK
    The boot mode was : forced via switch S1


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    one extra comment, I did a serial number addressing process and the first uploading process before getting into the serial number wizard, went fine, but after the serial number I got stucked in the last uploading the program with the same CLEANMEM,FFFF error.
    what I can do is through the terminal mode, If I go to the system control section (the lights or loads control), I can control the lights of my system. but I can't get any more further from that.

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    Hope this helps anyone in same situation

    what i did is i uploaded the os again from the terminal, even though the system told me that it has the latest versions of everything (os, boot, etc..)

    after that, the transfer went fine. I made one transfer only, and on the next week i will check if everything is normal with the transfer process


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