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Thread: Using Lamp Dimmer with 110V power

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    Using Lamp Dimmer with 110V power

    I have heard in general that a 10V power difference should not affect most equipment, so when bringing electronics from the US which has 120V to Japan which has 110V from the utility, I should not expect any adverse affects. Is this same logic the same for dimming devices? Specifically I have some 110V lamp dimmer caseta products that I'd like to use. Should I expect any perfomance problems, or worse yet, is there any safety risk? (I assume not since I am supplying undervoltage, not overvoltage).

    As a second question, if the lamp dimmers work, would that be the same with caseta inwall dimmers, such as the PD-6WCL? It also specifically lists 120V, but could that be wired in where the utility provides 110V?



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    The Caseta dimmers are designed and tested to run on 120V/60Hz. According to the information I can find on the web, Japan runs on 100V/50Hz or 100V/60Hz depending on the region.

    While our dimmers are made to work +/- 10% of the line voltage, which at 120V would put it in the 108-132V range. The dimmer may not power up on Japan's standard 100V line.

    We don't test our dimmers on voltages outside of that range, so we wouldn't be able to tell you one way, or another whether the Caseta dimmers would work over in Japan, or if they do, how long they would work. Even if they do initially work, they may fail prematurely if undervoltaged.

    As to a safety risk, our controls are designed to fail safely in all situations. In case of a control failure, the control will just stop working, and never work again.

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