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Thread: Fluorescent dimmer stuck on lowest setting

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    Fluorescent dimmer stuck on lowest setting

    I have a Lutron switch DVF-103P controlling 4 sets of T8 32W fluorescent lamps, each set with 2 lamps. The fluorescents use the Lutron ECO-T832-120-1 ballasts.

    Everything has worked fine for quite a few years but recently I had trouble with one of the sets and thought that it was either the ballast or it was just not getting power. While testing for power I made a stupid mistake and caused a short. I heard a noise that seemed to come from the switch (I was over 10 ft away) and the other light sets dimmed to the lowest power and from then on it doesn't matter what the position of the dimmer control is, the output is always the same (lowest).

    My question is this: what is the most likely cause of this behavior? Did I fry the DVF-103P switch or did I fry the ballasts?


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    It sounds as though you damaged the dimmer. I recommend calling our 24/7 technical support team at 1-844-588-7661 for help with troubleshooting this application.

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    Thanks. I had contacted technical support in the meantime and it was indeed the dimmer switch. I replaced it with a simple switch and all is well.

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