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Thread: Automating Pool Cover switch

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    Automating Pool Cover switch

    Hi, we have the Radiora 2 system in our house. Our pool has an electric cover with a three position momentary contact switch (open-off-close). Is there a way to make this work in the Radiora system? How would I replace the switch to make this work?
    My electrician says it can't be done...
    Any advice?

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    It can be done just prob not in "direct device replacement" way. Depending on what voltage is used to control the momentary switch, you can install a couple of 8ANS switches (one for close, one for open) and then setup in software to control in app or possibly a pico remote. But even if its 24v control voltage relays can be installed in a Jbox etc to make it work. Just depends who you hire and how much they want to deal with it.

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    This should not be done. The reason for a restricted momentary key switch is because an automated pool cover can kill someone. Please do not try to override this safety. Your electrician is right to say it can't be done. It cannot be safely done.

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    Definitely didn't think about that one! You are correct on that.

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    You could use a keyed switch to control the power circuit but use an 8ANS or a pair of LMJ's to automate it with a Pico. Or 1 8ANS to turn on power and then rollback to timeout after 1 minute (or however many minutes it takes to open the pool) at which point rollback would then disable power circuit to the cover, at which point you'd have to reactivate the 8ANS to use anything again. This gives you a second level of safety though it's not a keypad that requires a code to utilize. It is weird and unless labeled it wouldn't be immediately obvious how to get the cover to open, so it would be safer than just making the code 1111 or 1234 in a way.

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    this is a big NO NO!!! controlling a pool cover from a control system is very dangerous and STUPID!! the NEC is very clear on this. it states that when activating a pool cover, you must have 100% visual of the pool. this is to avoid closing it with someone in the pool. putting it on a control system would give you the option of programming the ability to control it from anywhere in the building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trax95008 View Post
    this is a big NO NO!!! controlling a pool cover from a control system is very dangerous and STUPID!!.
    Incorrect. Pool Cover manufacturers in the U.S actually sell wireless touchpads to go with their covers. They just need to be mounted in view of the pool. I believe they are far safer than key ignition when used properly because pool owners almost always just leave the keys in the switch. A wireless option allows for passcodes, alarms and alerts. Don't operate it when you aren't in view of the pool, same as you wouldn't drive a car with your eyes closed.

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