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Thread: LiteTouch to HomeworksQS (Processor panel swap)

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    LiteTouch to HomeworksQS (Processor panel swap)

    I have a conversion project coming up and I've pretty much sorted out the dimming panel retrofit info.

    I'm curious if there is a similar option for the LiteTouch processor panel (5000 LC), I haven't pulled the cover off that enclosure, but it would appear the LiteTouch processor uses a back-plane buss and the various cards insert (judging from the front of the processor panel), if this is true then attempting to install any sort of DIN rails to mount processors and/or power modules would be difficult.

    Since I'm unable to locate any sort of information on Lutron regarding the LiteTouch processor, I'm guessing we just remove the processor can (if possible) and install a new LV14 can in its place.

    I've read a few threads here about LiteTouch to Lutron, but none of them touch on the processor swap.

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    As far as I know, the retrofit is only for the modules and you still need to keep the Lutron processor in its own panel. The LV14 is pretty small though.

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    Somewhat related- I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use the RF keypad solution outlined in Lutron's whitepaper. One Soya power supply is currently powering 40+ keypads in a fairly large house with no obvious performance issues. I've got another on standby that I'll probably use once the install is complete. That way we'll have around 20 keypads per power supply just for insurance. Others have told me I -might- be able to use standard QS Low Voltage keypads with the non-standard wire, but the conversion was so darn quick with RF keypads I'm tempted to start building all my systems that way!

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