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Thread: remote program HWQS 6.0.1

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    remote program HWQS 6.0.1

    How do I remote design and program using HWQS 6.0.1 software? I got homeworks sistem installed, and using a timecapsule router.


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    Generally you would set up a vpn connection and be able to remotely upload. Currently I don't believe you can do a remote extraction yet. Once the vpn is setup and connected on your machine you can go under network settings and choose "Use VPN"

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    If you are a qualified HomeWorks dealer, I would recommend logging into the HomeWorks resource site ( and reading through app note #231. It steps you through the process of setting up remote access using a VPN router. Here is the link to the aforementioned app note...

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    I thought it was possible to connect using Dyndns or noip DNS service since it is written in REMOTE ACESS "Use VPN or Remote Acess". So it is possible to use a VPN to also remote connect with Iphone app? Im located in Brazil and I heard it is not possible to use the iphone user tool in Brazil.
    Thanks al lot

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    It is indeed possible to connect using a DynDNS service, and App Note #231 discusses that. As for using a VPN to also remotely access the system using an iPhone, that is possible as well and is also called out in the app note.

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