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Thread: Sivoia QS Wireless and Wired Shades

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    Question Sivoia QS Wireless and Wired Shades

    I have an existing stand-alone Sivoia QS project with Horizontal Sheers that are all currently wired to a PNL-10. I have 3 different areas with 3 separate wired keypads (QSWS2-5BRL). In one of the areas, the client wants me to remove one large sheer and replace with 2 smaller sheers (currently the only EDU programmed to the keypad). The problem is I only have one 18/4S ran to the window. Is it possible for me to order the new sheers as QS Wireless and a wireless keypad (QSWK4-5BR) and still make it work? I was planning on powering each shade from the PNL-10 with 2 wires each. I would purchase the SOLA power supply (per application note 406) to power the keypad.

    The other two keypads / shades would stay wired and programmed as is.


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    This would work. You could program the two QS Wireless shades with the QSWK4 keypad, but there wouldn't be any way of having the wireless keypad controlling the wired shades, nor the wired keypads controlling the wireless shades.
    It would be its own local system.
    If you are looking to control them all together, you would have to convert these into a Homeworks QS system wirh a wired link, and an RF link.

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