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Thread: Switched to new wireless router and now Homekit integration doesn’t work

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    Switched to new wireless router and now Homekit integration doesn’t work

    I switched from an Apple TimeCapsule to a new Linksys Velop system and now I can’t get HomeKit to recognize the switches. They still show up in HomeKit but they are unreachable. I did some sleuthing on the forums and did a hard reset of the smart bridge (by holding down the button for 30 sec). Now HomeKit sees the bridge just find but it still can’t contact the switches. If I go into Settings->Siri Integration I get to the first screen where it shows the home (Setup Home), but I can’t get any further. When I hit “Next” it says “Unable to find Smart Bridge”, which is strange because HomeKit (via the Home App) can see the Smart Bridge just fine. I expected that changing over to a new router would “just work” but I guess I was wrong. It would be a major pain to reset all HomeKit data on my phone as suggested by another forum post because I have so many HomeKit devices in my house and it would take so long to set them back up again. Any other troubleshooting ideas before I have to go to the “nuclear option” of resetting all my homekit data?

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    Since the long button press was performed, you may now have to reset your HomeKit data deleting your HomeKit home completely. However, before resorting to that, try to remove the Smart Bridge from HomeKit by performing step number 2, found on page 4 of this guide:

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