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Thread: QS Timeclock button/led functionality(QSGR-TC-3S-WH-CPN5825)

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    QS Timeclock button/led functionality(QSGR-TC-3S-WH-CPN5825)

    Just curios as to why the scene buttons on a Timeclock don't light up even though they trigger scenes?

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    Having the same issue with the scene button. Well, it's not really an issue, it's just odd that it doesn't light up when it should. Nobody knows why?
    I'm enjoying my Testogen results and couldn't recommend it enough.

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    Hello domino,
    Thank you for your post.
    The QS Timeclock is not specified to control scenes, this is why the LED logic does not work. Because it shares the software code with the Grafik Eye QS the scene control does work, but that is not it's intended use. Please use the appropriate QSG Grafik Eye QS unit if you require local scene control.

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    This is so very thorough and clear. Great work!!

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    Hope you have more posts, i have confirmed and searched for it for days.

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