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Thread: Homekit Siri Integration w Smart Hub - spinning forever on "Enter Setup Code"

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    Homekit Siri Integration w Smart Hub - spinning forever on "Enter Setup Code"

    I just got done setting up 10 Serena shades with the Lutron app. I had everything working in HomeKit, except for one shade wouldn't show up. So I started researching, and a Lutron support article said to remove the Smart Hub from the app and to re-add it. So, I did.

    Now, when I try to re-add it, it spins forever at the "Enter Setup Code" portion. I can't get to the point where the camera app pops up and lets me scan in the HomeKit code. I've tried resetting the Smart Hub, logging out and logging back in, and still, the same thing happens every time.

    Very frustrating! Does anyone know what I can do?

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    Seems a few of us have had some Homekit set up issues over the weekend. Might be best to try again tomorrow.

    Let us know if it works then.

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    If you are still having trouble, please perform the steps listed in the guide below in the exact order shown. Be sure to repeat any steps that may have been already performed during previous troubleshooting sessions.

    iOS 10:
    iOS 9:

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