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Thread: In-Wall Dimmer won't show up for Room Assignment in Lutron App

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    In-Wall Dimmer won't show up for Room Assignment in Lutron App

    Just installed another In-Wall Dimmer and setup in the Lutron iPhone app just fine and I can control the lights just fine as well. However under “Siri Integration” it does NOT show up as a selectable light to add to any of the room. It also did not self-appear in the Apple Home either so while I can control the light from Lutron, it is almost acting like it doesn’t see it as a light since it didn’t pass to Apple as a device or can’t be selected to add to a room either in Lutron iPhone App.

    Any clue how or what I can do to get it to show up?

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    I have been having trouble with Items not showing up correctly in the Home app too. Does it show under the "Default" room in the Home app? Can you pick a room under the device settings? (ie go to the device list, pick your switch and select a room that way?)

    Second, when did you set it up? Friday afternoon it was a mess for me, Today I am able to get the new items into rooms, after a bit of work.

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    It didn't show up under the Default Room and what I ended up doing was assigning it to a room in Apple's Home app and Lutron picked that up so it is now assigned to a room in the Lutron App. The other odd behavior was the light Name in Lutron didn't get passed to Apple's Home app and I've had this happen before so I manually changed it in the Apple Home App and that gets it to work but kinda frustrating the Lutron App seems to have some issues on it's own and with Apple's Homekit.

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    In my thread talking about a maxed out system, Lutron commented how they just tried to add a switch and have the same result. So it seems they at least know about the problem. just not sure if its a Lutron issue or Homekit.

    They said adding it to a room under Siri preference then transferred the name over, but if thats not showing for you its hard to do.

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