Hi All,
To get to the point, my ultimate goal is to test low level dimming with constant current and constant voltage LED tape, using Home works, Lutron dimmers and HW-RPM-4A dimming module. In the future, I want to show clients the many possible LED driver types, LED tape types and Lutron dimmer /homeworks types ---that all work together.

As of now, I want to make a shop testing rig to match the same dimming that is currently installed in a house where the LEDs are not the same brightness next to each other and from one fixture to another.

We get dimming problems at very low levels where each LED is not at the same brightness. The current LED tape is with IC chips on board to regulate the current. These LEDs are dimmed using a HW-RPM-4A-120 remote dimming module with a Qtran Power rectified power supply.

So the new LED tape needed for the Qtran power supplies is resistive LED tape using constant voltage and the resistors are limiting the current to change brightness of the LED.

Here is what I have to shop test the dimmingÖ.
HW-RPM-4A-120 +
Q-Tran QTM-DC+CAP 24V 120 +
24V Resistive LED tape.

Iím working with a Lutron lighting system for a house that has 800 feet of LED. Each LED section is 1 -to-12 feet long and line the ceiling in all the rooms.

The products that are currently installed in the house are as follows:
HW-QS processor
SeeTouch keypads
RPM-4A dimming module
QTran power supplies-QTM-DC+CAP /200 watt rectified power supply

The gentleman doing the programming for the lighting system is having a problem with adjacent LED fixtures where the dim levels are very different at 10-20%. Itís like the LEDs are spotty and some LEDs are brighter than the LEDs next to it. We are using forward phase dimming through an RPM-4A dimming module. It's not that it is not dimming to 10%. It is that 10% looks different on adjacent Linear LED runs. The keypad controls are all low voltage separate from the 120V switch leg. The Lutron RPM-4A dimming module feed the QTran power supplies which feed the Linear LED strips. All of the QTran power supplies are using the same Tap. When he sendís a command to multiple LED switch legs to dim to 10%, the light output on adjacent LEDs is very different. Same Tap, Same dim level, different results. No error codes showing up on the Lutron RPM-4A dimming modules

1. Will these parts work together and be able to dim my LEDs in the shop? Do I need more parts? Please advise.
Radio Ra2 RRD-F6AN-DV-WH +
Lutron HW-RPM-4A-120 +
Q-Tran QTM-DC+CAP 24V 120 +
Shine On LED 24V Resistive LED tape.

2. Is there a wiring diagram to connect the RRD-F6AN-DV-WH +HW-RPM-4A-120 +
Q-Tran QTM-DC+CAP 24V 120 ?

????...to test the same type of dimming that is currently in the house?

I'm trying to match the dimming in my shop to the way the current house is set up. My testing rig is for a single test kit and not and entire house. Seems like I need more parts to make this testing rig work correctly.

Thanks in advance and please ask any questions you have.