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Thread: Two Occupancy Sensors + Lights

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    Two Occupancy Sensors + Lights

    So here's the situation. My co-worker made some stuff for a client of ours, and I can't seem to figure this out with my common sense and logic; hence why I'm here..

    There's two closets:

    His Closet
    Her Closet

    There's two occupancy devices:

    Her Closet Occupancy
    His Closet Occupancy

    There's also two light switches:

    Her Closet
    His Closet

    When I go to one occupancy sensor in the program, it for some reason has both programmed occupancy sensors at the bottom. The problem the client is having, is that when they set off His Closet occupancy, it also turns her light on and vise versa. So I need to make sure one occupancy sensor is strictly for that closet.

    Here's the programming:

    Any idea how to go about this?
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    I think that if you want the sensors to act independently, you will need to create separate rooms and place them each in their own room.


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    You have the single occ sensor in Her Closet set to TWO dimmers/switches- His Closet and Her Closet. Change Her Closet Occupancy to only Her Closet device (drop "his" device). Then repeat for "His" sensor dropping the "hers" device
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