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Thread: Speaker Buzz w/ Maestro Dimmer + 8 FEIT 14W LED Retrofit

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    Question Speaker Buzz w/ Maestro Dimmer + 8 FEIT 14W LED Retrofit

    I just installed a Maestro C-L digital dimmer. There is also another switch (non-dimmer) controlling these 8 recessed lights.

    I tested it with a single FEIT 14W LED Retrofit light, and a mix of other FEIT LED recessed bulbs (BR30).

    They all seemed to be working and dimming, but varied between the lights, as I expected.

    So, I went ahead and changed out all the recessed lights to the FEIT 14W LED Retrofit Kit (ITM: 1057864)

    They light work beautifully, and dim nicely.

    I noticed a slight buzz coming from a single rear ceiling surround speaker. The rear left speaker, to be exact.

    I have 5 circular speakers in the ceiling total. (R,C,L, SR, SL). Only one speaker seems to be buzzing.

    It's not connected to my AV receiver. I disconnected the immediately surrounding lights, and there still seems
    to be a buzz.

    Weird.. the lights themselves don't seem to be buzzing. But an adjacent speaker is?

    Assuming my house isn't haunted.. what do you think it could be?
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    What you are experiencing is RF interference through the air. The only thing we can recommend trying is using a reverse phase dimmer. These types of dimmers do require a neutral connection in the wallbox. We would recommend the MRF2-6ELV-120. This dimmer will not work in a 3-way with a mechanical switch. You would have to replace the mechanical switch with a companion dimmer, model number MA-R. There is no way we can guarantee this will fix your issue.

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