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Thread: Caseta System at max Capacity

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    Received an email today announcing Lutron Caseta limit has now been upped to 75 devices!!! That is great news actually!!!! Thank you for listening!!

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    I think its great that Lutron has listened to its user base and adjusted the limit to 75 devices. Unfortunately for me, its still too low for me to take full advantage of as I am now around 85...but with a combination of 2 hubs, SmartThings and HomeKit I am able to pull off what I need.I think what would be a great option would be to enable me to go upmarket to their higher end system, but enable those systems to leverage the existing Caseta switches I have. I get why that would be problematic, but at least would provide an upgrade path for those of us that have a few K sunk into Caseta, and entice us into their higher brackets.

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    Caseta device lmit expanded

    I just found out today about the increased limit by a reply from randyc to the thread I started with my confusion regarding the limit.

    I think it was a smart move on Lutron's part. I think they will net about $3-4K more from me by this decision, as my alternative was just simple Diva?maestro dimmers, etc.

    I was contemplating a Caseta Pro install, with about 40 PD-5NE-WH dimmers, 20 Pico's (lots of 3W's), a few of the CP Fan controls, some blinds, etc. and couldn't get there with Caseta's 50 device limit.

    I have had a very high end lighting control system in a previous house (LiteTouch) which I hated from the standpoint that the simplest scene/level changes, etc. required me to wait for when my contractor could get to it. I wanted a system simple enough that my electrician could install and I could setup and program. I didn't need all the bells and whistles of a high end integrated home automation system (or even wanted it). I will say, having the high end system, did teach what features I cared about and which we never used, so helped in this decision.

    This is perfect. All my devices that need to be smart (all off, guest, security, etc., scenes) will fit easily in the 75 device limit and the distances all seem fine.

    This is very good news.

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    I started a thread containing the official expansion announcement from Lutron. This is great news. I'm currently maxed out and will be adding some more devices. I think 75 will get me where I want to be.

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    Sorry. Double post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZipZap View Post
    I solved this by installing HomeSeer and the Caseta plugin. I have two hubs connected. It works great with Alexa, instead of using the Lutron skill I use the HomeSeer skill. HomeSeer sees the hubs and all devices connected. Alexa talks to HomeSeer, HomeSeer talks to Caseta. Doing this requires Pro hubs though.
    Any way you can provide more detail on this? Which HomeSeer hub? Is it “easy” to add the Caseta plugin to HomeSeer if you’re not a “techie”? Will scenes set in the Lutron app work or do you set scenes in HomeSeer?

    This seems like best solution to have two Caseta hubs, but would like to understand it better before taking the plunge. Thank you!

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