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Thread: 2 Maestro dimmers but want independent control

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    2 Maestro dimmers but want independent control

    2 Maestro dimmers are located within 10 ft of one another, one for living room, one for dinning room. They both are controlled by the same IR signal, meaning one remote will send one signal turning on or off both switches at the same time. Is there a way to create a different IR signal to control them independently? I am controlling them thru the logitech harmony elite hub system. The "favorite" setting signal is sent when TV is turned on to dim the lights in the living room, however both rooms turn on to the favorite setting. Is there a way to change the IR signal in one of the switches or is there another option? I appreciate your time.

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    Hello J Fett,
    Thank you for your post.
    The remote will send a code and if both dimmers are in line of sight, then they will act on the code. Think of it like have the same make/model tv next to each other. The remotes would be the same too. When pressing the power button both tvs would turn on. This is a limitation of IR.
    I would recommend our Caseta wireless or Maestro wireless dimmers. The RF technology built in would allow for each remote to only control the dimmer it was programmed to control. It will come at a greater expense but will certainly give you the functionality you are looking for. In addition to that functionality the Caseta wireless system can be expanded to include more devices throughout your home, integration with other devices such as Amazon Alexa and control from an app on your smart phone.

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