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Thread: BDG2 VS BDG-1 Problems connecting

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    BDG2 VS BDG-1 Problems connecting

    I'm unable to connect my new L-BDG2 , I am running 10.7 version of essentials and the controller is on 10.7 firmware.

    "No connect bridge were found on the network"

    I'm trying to connect a L-BDG2, however the only option is for a CONNECT-BDG-1. Is that the issue, if so how to I connect the BDG2?

    I'm skeptical that is the issues as a Lutron contributor says in this thread "The only difference is that the L-BDG2-WH is HomeKit/Siri capable, and the L-BDG-WH is not HomeKit/Siri capable.

    Yes I've pressed the button
    Yes I've factory reset
    Yes they are in the same switch

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    This is a Caseta bridge not RA2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchE View Post
    This is a Caseta bridge not RA2.
    What Mitch said, what kinds of switches/devices do you have? If you have Caseta switches then that's your device, you'd use the Lutron ohone/tablet apps to set it up. If you have RA2 devices then you'd use a main repeater and the Essentials PC software to set it up. The Essentials software wouldn't see that one all.

    The correct part number for a RA2 bridge is CONNECT-BDG

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