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Thread: Maxed out my Caseta system but...

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    Maxed out my Caseta system but...

    Hi, all!

    Yesterday I maxed out my Caseta system (crazy, right?!).

    Admittedly, I got carried away adding too many PICO remotes to the system. Why am i wining about this in the user forms you ask? Well... I still have two more wall switches (switch X and switch Y) that I haven't paired with the system (obviously they are more important than a PICO remote).

    My solution to this issue is as follows:

    1. Remove two non-essential PICO remotes from the system (one remote is associated with switch A and the remote is associated with switch B).
    2. Reuse two of the PICO remotes (that are still in the system) to control switches A and B (recall that one PICO can control multiple switches)
    3. Add the remaining two light switches (X and Y) to the system.

    The problem I'm now having is that I can't get switch A or switch B into pairing mode! It's as if the switches still think the system is maxed out or something.

    Do I need the support team to do something on their end?

    I've tried rebooting the hub but that's not working either?!




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    Remember the picos get pair to the switch through the app. So you add the pico to the system then connect it to the light. (or since they may already be in there, just open the pico settings and tell it what light you want to control.)

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    Brilliant, sawdust!
    I was blindly trying to follow the written documentation that says to press the off button for six seconds to begin the pairing process on the switch in question.
    Your suggestion totally solve my problem. Thanks!

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