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Thread: Lutron Connect Bridge has Activation / Deactivation Issue

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    Lutron Connect Bridge has Activation / Deactivation Issue

    I am using Lutron Connect Bridge (CONNECT-BDG-2). I plugged it with a Micro USB Cable for power supply and Ethernet with same network with HPQ6-2.
    I have successfully activated it with using static IP and tranferred program . But when i close and reopen program then it is showing START ACTIVATION again. I am using Homeworks 10.4 .
    Another problem is Lutron Connect App . Not regularly but some time my account is automatically logged out in app . Again I have to do ADD HOME in app.
    I am using Pallidium Square Dual Column 4 Button and 3 Button With Raise Lower Keypad . I have already programmed all 7 buttons , but in lutron Connect App when i recalling scene of keypad , it is only showing 3 button out of 4 buttons (left side ) and 3 buttons (right side ) with raise lower (Total 6 buttons and raise lower ) . why it is not showing 1 button .

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    Hello akuazz,
    Thank you for your post.
    Please generate a system support file and a log file form the app and send those into Please ensure you are connected locally to the system with both the software ad the app prior to creating the support files. Once we have this data we can get started on helping with your case.

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    Connect Bridge Activation /Deactivation Issue

    Hello Blair S.
    I have sent you support file into , having subject as Lutron Connect Bridge Activation/Deactivation Issue. You can reply me here or else directly to mail ID. Thank You

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