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Thread: PD?6ANS and a Pico

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    PD?6ANS and a Pico

    I'm looking to install a PD?6ANS to control a MLV transformer for some landscape lighting. The transformer can dim, but I don't need it to as I may like to use the outlet it will be plugged into for other things from time to time.

    Question is: I have quite a few leftover Pico's of the PJ2-3BRL variety. can I use them with the PD?6ANS knowing that the raise/lower will not work or must I have a PJ2-2B Pico, which is just an on/off Pico?

    I ask because if I have to buy the PJ2-2B Pico in addition to the PD?6ANS, then it would be less expensive for me to buy a PD-10NXD (even though it's more expensive then the PD?6ANS on it's own) and use a Pico I currently already own.

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    The PJ2-3BRL will work on the PD-6ANS. When you use the raise or lower buttons, there will be a slight delay, then the switch would turn on or off, respectively. Be careful when using dimmers on outlets- this often is against codes and runs the risk of damaging certain appliances when they get plugged into that same outlet.
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    Thanks, I suspected that is what would happen with the Pico. As for the code thing... the outlet would be under my front porch and would only be accessible if you removed the latticework door and crawled under. Right now the transformer (Semper Fi outdoor above grade) is running off a mechanical timer in the basement. So it has never dimmed (even though it can). So I see no reason to do it now, particularly since the PD-10NXD cost more then the PD?6ANS.

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