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Thread: Caseta Dimmer 3-way configuration with manual toggle switch?

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    Caseta Dimmer 3-way configuration with manual toggle switch?

    is it possible to install the caseta dimmer switch at the top of my staircase and keep the regular 3-way switch at the bottom of my staircase? what i'm trying to achieve is regular 3way switch at bottom of the staircase, caseta dimmer at the top of the staircase, and a pico wireless remote at the end of the hallway. or do i need to install two pico wireless switches, and ditch the 3way toggle at the bottom of the staircase to achieve what i want? Your help is much appreciated.


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    This can be done if you use the Caseta PD-10NXD Pro dimmer. There aren't enough wire conenctions on the PD-6CL dimmer to do this. See pages 17-19 of the following: .

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    Thanks for the reply. i was afraid of this. i guess two pico remotes it is.

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