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Thread: Lables

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    Anyone have a good way of making your own keypad labels besides a label maker?
    Would like to make my own sheets of most use labels instead of printing, sticking, cutting each.
    I don't use Lutrons. I generally label in black capital letters on white tape. White tape so the owner sees it as a reminder to call me.
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    It would be nice if they brought back the old keypad labels. So many more choices, but I guess it ended up "sufficing" and people would not get the keypads engraved in the end. I blame that on lack of follow-up from the installers, though.
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    I miss the old labels too! They helped to train customers how to use the system. The change over was much easier with the final labels. I have been printing out the engraving reports and taping them next to the keypads until the final wording is agreed upon. Or using a mostly blank label and fine point sharpie.
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