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Thread: How to install new "Main Repeater" after old "Main Repeater" crashed

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    How to install new "Main Repeater" after old "Main Repeater" crashed

    On an existing system (approximately 1 year old and fully programmed), I had a “main repeater” that froze and crashed after doing a firmware update. I will be installing a new “Main Repeater”.

    1. What is the best way to do this to ensure all the previous programming/settings on all devices get transferred over and applied to the new “main repeater”? Do I just open one of the latest saved file from the system and then how do I edit the “Main Repeater”? Opening the latest saved file, when I go to “equipment room”, I see the old repeater, but does not seem you can edit it. What exactly do I need to do here? If someone can provide a step-by-step instruction, that would be so helpful.

    2. The old “main repeater” had a static IP Address as it is also integrated into a Savant automation system and the Savant system points to that static IP address for all the lighting settings. How do I set the new “Main Repeater” to have the same old static IP Address? I assume I can just input that address and things should work fine (and will not have to change anything on the Savant programming portion?).

    Thanks for everyone’s help.

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    Are you trained by Lutron to program RadioRa? or did your installer give you a copy of the essentials software? There's a reason why Lutron wants people trained to program it. I would suggest finding an installer to help you out

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    Have you called tech support? I've "bricked" a few main's in my day. There are actually tools to fix this built in to the software, but I only recommend doing this with the help of tech support.

    Otherwise, you can remove the main and plug in another. You will have to find the main repeater, then look under the serial number tab to find the serial of the new main. This once stumped me for three days- it was simple after that. Just update the firmware and transfer and you are good to go. No need to default the entire system.
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