On an existing system (approximately 1 year old and fully programmed), I had a “main repeater” that froze and crashed just now after doing a firmware update. I will be installing a new “Main Repeater”.

1. What is the best way to do this to ensure all the previous programming/settings on all devices get transferred over and applied to the new “main repeater”? Do I just open one of the latest saved file from the system and then how do I edit the “Main Repeater”? Opening the latest saved file, when I go to “equipment room”, I see the old repeater, but does not seem you can edit it. What exactly do I need to do here? If someone can provide a step-by-step instruction, that would be so helpful.

2. The old “main repeater” had a static IP Address as it is also integrated into a Savant automation system and the Savant system points to that static IP address for all the lighting settings. How do I set the new “Main Repeater” to have the same old static IP Address? I assume I can just input that address and things should work fine (and will not have to change anything on the Savant programming portion?).

Thanks for your help.